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Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM)

Dear Member/Owners of Kempner Water Supply Corporation,

Recently, there were posts on a social media site concerning Kempner Water Supply Corporation’s water quality and suggestions that there is cause for concern about how Kempner’s water may affect your health.  

 The water that Kempner delivers meets or exceeds the requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) which regulates water quality in the State of Texas.  I encourage you to review the TCEQ’s website concerning primary and secondary standards. You will find that Kempner water meets or exceeds all of the requirements for primary standards.  We are in constant communication with the TCEQ regarding rules and regulations for public water systems. All of those rules specify water treatment, operations and maintenance for all water systems. The rule also covers Drinking Water Quality and reporting requirements (30TAC Chapter 290, F). It also describes the minimum required sampling schedule, levels and notification for public water systems, and we have met all of those requirements (Rule 30 TAC 290.101-122).

 The post focused on Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM’s).  You may be wondering what TTHM’s are.   The use of chlorine to disinfect water produces various disinfection by-products, which are classified as halogenated and non-halogenated by products. These by-products are called trihalomethanes. TTHM’s are present in every water supply system. They pose a less acute health risk than any water borne disease poses. They are formed when chlorine is added to water and organic material such as algae, riverweeds and decaying leaves combine and TTHM’s are formed. As a result of the rain we have received this year, much debris has flowed into Stillhouse Hollow Lake.  As a result, some TTHM samples are higher than usual.  

I am confident in the water we produce being of safe quality and meeting all primary standards. If you have any concerns, my staff and I are willing to meet you and run water tests at your residence. As in the past, all records of our plant CL2 residuals, TTHMs, and operational records are always available to member/owners and wholesale customers upon request.



Delores Goode

General Manager



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