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At Kempner Water Supply Corporation, our goal is to provide safe, clean water to over 5000 members. We are honored to deliver quality water to over 20,000 citizens and businesses in Lampasas, Coryell, Burnet and Bell counties. We strive to provide service to our members so they can continue to enjoy the rural life of Central Texas. 

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Two Steering Committees were formed in 1972 to pursue the thoughts of Kempner Water Supply Corporation (Kempner WSC), a non-profit water supply corporation under Article 1434a of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas of 1925, later amended to the Texas Water Code Chapter 67. The members of those steering committees were Morgan Pickett, J.C. Null, Max Bennett, Butch Doggett, Pauline Dillard, Eldine Poe, M.D. Nance, Wanda Taylor, and R.B. Porter.

The first general membership meeting of the Kempner WSC was held September 18, 1973 at the Kempner Methodist Church. Kempner WSC Incorporation was approved November 13, 1973. 

The Steering Committee was notified in January 1973 that their loan application to Farmers Home Administration had been approved.
An annual membership meeting was held on January 22, 1974 and the following persons were elected by the membership for the Board of Directors of Kempner WSC. M.D. Nance, Eldine Poe, C.W. Patterson, Frank DiMuccio, Max Bennett, Pauline Dillard, Ray Doggett, Harry Easters, and J.B. Capps. 

A contract with Hoover Construction Co. was approved by the Board of Directors on April 8, 1975 for the construction of Kempner Water System.

On February 29, 1975 George N. LaBounty, Jr. was hired as the Corporation's first Manager. 

The first office for Kempner Water Supply Corporation was in the home of Eldine Poe, December of 1977 an apartment was rented from Pauline Dillard and used as the office of Kempner Water Supply Corporation. Kempner Water Supply Corporation moved into their first office building in August, 1978.

In 1980, Kempner WSC began major construction in preparation of obtaining water from Stillhouse Lake.  All major construction was completed and Kempner was receiving water from Stillhouse Lake in 1986.  

Kempner WSC moved into its current facility in April 1996 with 11 staff members.  The old building was donated to the Kempner Volunteer Fire Dept and the building site was converted into a covered employee parking lot. 

In 2005, Kempner Water Supply Corporation began preparation for building regional water treatment plant and in October 2006 closed a loan in the amount of 33 million dollars with Texas Water Development Board.  These funds paid off debt service with Rural Development, and purchased existing facilities from Central Texas Water Supply. 

March 2007, Kempner WSC purchased 87 acres located in Harker Heights on Cedar Knob Road; this is an ideal location for the treatment plant and shortened the distance of the amount of pipeline that is to be constructed

July 2008, Kempner WSC held a bid opening for the construction of the treatment plant and another for the transmission lines, and the bids were reviewed by Steger & Bizzell, Kempner WSC's engineering firm.  It was concluded that the project costs had overruns in the approximate amount of $5 million dollars.  Kempner WSC has applied for an additional loan with the Texas Water Development Board to cover the cost of the overruns and upon approval the construction of the Cliff & Eldine Poe Regional Treatment Plant began early 2009.

March 2010, the Clifford and Eldine Poe Regional Treatment Plant was completed and went online. 

Without the dedication and leadership of our current and previous Board of Directors, Kempner WSC would not be what it has become and what it will achieve.

Kempner Water Supply Corporation

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