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Repaired-Please click Link for Details

The leak on the north side of the system has been located and repaired.  

There may be pressure fluctuations while they flush the lines but that should resolve quickly.

Thank you for your patience. 

Leak 5-28-2024-Please Click Link for Details


Pressure is dropping on the north side of the system and customers in that area will be affected with low pressure or loss of water service altogether.  KWSC crews are out searching for the cause and will begin repairs as soon as it is found.  

The north side includes: 

Julia Dr., Coleton Dr, Kubitz, Stone Oaks Subdivision, Whispering Oaks Subdivision, Bluestem Dr, Sunset Estates Subdivision, Dewberry Subdivision, Reata Ranch Subdivision, Northern Hills Subdivision, Ryatt Ranch, Lutheran Church Rd, Linderbett Ranches.  

There may be other areas affected as well.  We will update when we know more.