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Attention KWSC Members


From: General Manager                                                                                      

Stillhouse lake is currently down to 605.6 and dropping one inch, (.08) a day. We estimate to have approximately 20 days remaining before we have to slow production from our top intake. We are in the process of extending our lower intake. We hope to have that completed by the week of August 18th. The interconnection with WCID1 is well underway, with a combined cost of over a million dollars. These projects are being done so we do not run out of water. We will re-evaluate the number of days remaining when these projects are complete. We also have other projects in our long-range plan that will ensure we have water in the future, such as an interconnection with Copperas Cove.

With the drought, everyone in the central Texas area is having to conserve. It is not a matter of hoarding, charging more, or any of these ridiculous accusations. We are genuinely concerned about being able to provide our members with high quality water, as abundantly as we can, while remaining compliant with federal and state laws. The best way I can explain what needs to be done, is NO outdoor watering. All indoor water usage is fine and will help preserve the water we have. Watering outside plants or a new tree with a bucket is ok. Conservation enforcement does include fines for excessive use. We are starting major enforcement measures immediately by checking metered usage more often.

Thanks to those of you who currently are conserving. If you see a possible leak, please notify the office or on call person as soon as possible, so we can get the leak repaired.

You can view the current lake level on this website.