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Winter Storm Aftermath

Dear Members:

As you all know Texas Recently experienced one of the worst winter storms in recorded history for our area. It very quickly became apparent that utilities such as electric and water would be pushed into overdrive and struggle to handle increased demand during this unprecedented time. The ice and snow combined with extreme artic temperatures wreaked havoc on water supply providers across the state.

Key equipment was exposed to record breaking temperatures and rolling electricity blackouts meant power was not available for critical storage and pumping components throughout the entire system. Electrical components were damaged and tank levels suffered. Staff used heat guns and built fires to thaw valves and necessary lines to maintain water service to our members.

Travel between sites was very dangerous, but Kempner WSC employees worked tirelessly through 10 days of snow and ice in temperatures well below freezing to maintain the water treatment process and distribution to our members.

Despite our best efforts, about 50 members were placed under a boil notice due to decreased pressure and approximately 75 members were without water for a short period of time. Kempner WSC employees have never experienced conditions like this before and do not expect to again in the foreseeable future. However, we are working diligently with engineers and other professionals to increase our capability of handling similar situations, should they arise.