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Member Update`

We just wanted to update our Members/Customers regarding the challenges that are being faced now that everyone’s previously frozen pipes are beginning to thaw. The rolling blackouts that KWSC and CTWSC were continuously faced with have been taking their toll on our ability to keep the storage tanks full. Now that power is consistent, we are striving to get the tank levels back to normal. However, many customers are experiencing major leaks, causing our demand to be at an all time high, even in comparison to the hottest months in the summer. When possible, please conserve as much water as you can while we work together to build the water levels back up and move past this massive winter storm. We know it has been a trying week for everyone, but we want you to know we are doing everything possible to ensure constant water to all of our members. Thank you for doing your part to help in the situation! Stay safe out there… warmer weather is on the way!