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At Kempner Water Supply Corporation, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in member service and environmental conservation.

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Killeen Daily Herald Front Page Article on E.coli

In light of the Killeen Daily Herald article published this morning, we would like to reassure all of our members that the Kempner Water Supply Corporation (KWSC) water is safe to drink and has not been affected from any organic or non-organic contamination. We conduct water quality analysis on a continuous daily basis and are conducting extended testing based on this article.

The contamination mentioned in the article is isolated to the Tuscany Meadows subdivision in Harker Heights which is located next to the WCID1 sewer plant. KWSC draws its water quite some distance from the affected area and no impact is anticipated on our facility. The Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Army Corps of...

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Technological Breakthroughs from 2016:  Can Virtual Reality Help Paraplegics Regain Mobility?

Technological Breakthroughs from 2016: Can Virtual Reality Help Paraplegics Regain Mobility?

Last month we reported on many positive stories from 2016 —good news that you might not have heard:  Desalination plants bringing water to the desert, the elimination of measles in all of the Americas, infant mortality rates decreasing in Russia and life expectancy increasing in Africa. Great strides were made in the areas of world health, conservation, and, not surprisingly, technology. This is certainly an era of astonishing technological advancement; the science fiction of yesteryear is the reality of this year. From smartphones to smart watches to smart homes, technology is changing the way we live. And sometimes in amazing ways .  .  .

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